About Us

Excavator Base was created with you, the contractor customer in mind. Built by earth moving professional for earth moving professionals, we strive to make excavator buying, owning and operating an excavator as easy as possible. Our goals are threefold. First, we want to save our customers money by helping them compare rates across manufacturer types, models, and unit ages. Knowledge is power and that is what we provide. Second, we want to build relationships with our customers so they know they can count on us whenever they need an excavator, and so that they refer us to their business associates. Third, our goal is the move the earth moving industry forward by simplifying the equipment acquisition process that most companies employ.

Let us know how we can help you with any excavator need. Becoming the leading source for excavators in the country doesn't happen by accident, and we need your input so that we can keep improving. Please send any suggestions to Nancy Green at our corporate office. Thanks for your support!