Fully Refurbished Used Excavators For Sale

Purchasing a used excavator can be a great way to save money if done properly. There are a few pitfalls however, and if you end up with a used excavator that needs constant maintenance or breaks down on the job then it can actually cost you much more than if you just bought a new one from the start. Excavator Base works to help you buy only from used excavator dealers that fully refurbish every unit and stand behind their clients by offering affordable maintenance packages and fast service. The best part about using ExcavatorBase.com is that in less than ten minutes you can be comparing prices for used excavators from these trusted dealers, and can often have your equipment delivered within a day.

Guide To Purchasing A Used Mini Excavator

  1. Size Selection - Excavator Base always recommends getting the smallest used mini excavator that will get the job done for you. This is simply because most of our customers have many jobs that have different types of working environments, and they often run across a job with very tight working areas. These job are hard to foresee, but for those that purchase the the smaller machine they have the least amount of issues. This is not the case however with standard used excavators, where we recommend finding a balance between cost and speed of digging/excavating that works best for you and your crew. As a good place to start, take the dimensions of your last 20 jobs and buy a mini excavator that will have fit into all of those work spaces.
  2. Trial Run - Always run the used mini excavator for a few minutes to make sure it operates smoothly in all positions. Believe it or not, many buyers are too timid to ask if they can test the machine out before buying, or assume it is in perfect working order.
  3. Negotiate - The list price on a used mini excavator that is put down on paper is typically 15% to 20% higher than what the seller is willing to accept. Buying wholesale may be an exception to this rule, but the typical buyer can eek out additional savings with shrewd negotiations. It also doesn't hurt to have a few used mini excavators as backups that you can use for leverage in the 'take it or leave it' part of the negotiation process.